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Student Government


Eric Han

Student Body President


The Associated Student Body is the student government at AGPS. Each year the students elect their leaders and these student leaders  are dedicated to improving the American Global Prep School student experience for their school.

My personal statement: Why I decided to run for president - by Eric Han

Learning is not just about studying in class.

We live in a society in which education  is sometimes incorrectly viewed as merely learning core subjects  such as English, mathematics, science, and social studies . However, in our changing modern world, I think the advanced form of education should also involve active training in practical social skills such as leadership, activity management, and group communication.  

By practicing these essential skills, I also wanted our school to develop various cultural and artistic activities. A qualified school should guide students toward success in all areas of life, not just academics. We're all aware that academic subjects are not everything we need in life. Therefore, a good school should provide different activities, programs, or events that are useful in life according to student's interests. 

2022-2023 Student Government

Gany Sasda
Vice President
Lim Sokapors
Panhabelle Chim
Kea Kun Katona
Vitii Zyno
Peace & Security
Lina Him

The members of the student government are discussing extracurricular activities and school events

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