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Class Rules and Reminders

1.    Class Routines
    a.    Check attendance and report to the reception desk students who are tardy and           absent 15 minutes after first period classes.
    b.    Start and dismiss classes on time.
    c.    Check students school sports uniform; no wearing of slippers or sandals.
    d.    Do not allow students to go out anytime from the classroom unless on

          emergency or urgent cases. Use the 10 minute in between breaks for drinking

           water and other personal necessities.
    e.    Do not allow students to leave school without permission.

2.    Classroom Management
    a.    Put trash bin inside the rest room during class time and place it outside the

          classroom after dismissal time for garbage collection.
    b.    All desks and chairs should be aligned properly and neatly.
    c.    Students should keep all their things organized.
    d.    White board should be cleaned every after use.
    e.    Shoes should be worn by students inside the classroom.

3.    Energy Conservation Measures
    a.    Switch off air-conditioner and lights once out of the classroom for more than 10

          minutes and after dismissal time.
    b.    Use natural lights as much as possible.
    c.    Check on leaks and report any repair needs immediately to the Operations


4.    Phone Policy
    a.    Phones should be collected by the homeroom teachers during the first period

          classes in the morning and afternoon.
    b.    Students can get phones back during lunch break and dismissal time in the

    c.    Teachers may allow use of phones when needed during class hours with strict


5.    Academic Routines
    a.    Give students mini-test/quiz every day. Ensure students have at least 80%

          score before going home.
    b.    Give students at least 1 hour of homework.
    c.    Increase students’ vocabulary by giving at least 20 words daily to be checked in

          the morning.
    d.    Encourage students to read one book per week.
    e.    Keep on repeating lessons until students fully understand. 

6.    Student-Teacher Relationship
    a.    Take time to study individual student’s background.
    b.    Be fair to everyone. 
    c.    Let students know you love them one by one.
    d.    Praise your students.
    e.    Motivate them to be confident by letting them say: Yes, I can do it!

                                                                                                    Dr. Harry Hwang


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