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Our Curricula

We recognize that life after high school is becoming increasingly global. To equip students with confidence in a global setting, we offer relevant, 21st century programming that includes an introduction to Non-Western viewpoints as well as to Western classics. We encourage our students to experience a multicultural education, and aim to enrich their worldview through targeted activities and opportunities such as international community service, and hosting international exchange students.


The AGPS curriculum lists several different topics and themes for the courses that are being delivered this current school year (2020-2021). This curriculum has been developed by a team comprised of teachers and administrators, and may change as AGPS grows and adds new faculty.


AGPS offers a full day schedule for all its Programs using dual curricula - the International General Education Curriculum and the National Cambodian Basic Education Curriculum. The dual curricula are taught simultaneously with equal value of importance. The International English curriculum is taught by licensed foreign teachers while the Khmer curriculum is taught by Cambodian teachers certified by the Ministry of Education.


Students go through a wide-range of subject experiences to develop the skills and values they will need throughout their lives such as literacy, numeracy, bilingualism, science, social studies, humanities, arts, music, physical education, civics and values education.

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