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Because AGPS Offers You…

Quality Teachers from All over the World

Realizing the vision of a world-class school can only be possible with world-class teachers. At American Global Prep School, we constantly strive to bring together the most amazing team to help our students not only master their coursework, but to prepare for the challenges ahead as they advance to the best colleges and universities on the planet. 

That said, AGPS prides itself in striving to hire the best teachers for its students. Most of our teachers are graduates of Teacher Education or related course and have undergone teachers’ training courses in teaching second language learners. Several of our teachers have already finished their Masters in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, and English Language Education. Their training and experiences prepared them to be able to handle all levels and kinds of learners. AGPS provides a continuing program of development for our teachers such as seminars, workshops, conferences, among others. 


AGPS is now looking to hire an experienced High School MATH, SCIENCE, and ESL TEACHERS for the current school year! If you have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and would like to be considered, please contact us by submitting your CV along with a cover letter to or visit us at #822 Street SOS, Phnom Penh Thmey Village, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



(Full Job description and salary will be disclosed upon interview)


Thank you!

Best College Preparatory School in Cambodia

A successful graduate will have achieved these scores and demonstrated the following merits:

  • SAT I: 2100 and above out of 2400

  • SAT II: 700 out of 800 [Minimum of 3 subjects]

  • GPA: Minimum of 3.7

  • Minimum of 500 hours Community Service   

  • [Leadership Training]

  • Extra Curricular activities [including Sports and

  • Performing Arts]

  • Minimum of 5 AP Classes

  • Awards for exceptional achievement & leadership

Stanford University

Excellent Foreign Student Education Program


AGPS Instructors are specifically trained to handle the needs of our foreign students. Their curriculum and extra-curricular activities are specially designed to handle all demands and barriers that may arise.

University of California,
Los Angeles

Comprehensive After-School/Weekend Programs

  • Intensive ESL Classes

  • SAT/ACT Prep

  • Sports Programs

  • Volunteer Service

  • Community Outreach Program

  • Performing Arts Program [Dance, Music, Instrument and Theatre]

Johns Hopkins University.jpg
Johns Hopkins University

Personal Counseling Services

American Global Prep School also provides its students with effective and sophisticated college counseling. Starting in the ninth grade, each student will discuss his or her college options with a professional. Students will be encouraged to develop their special interests and academic profiles to match the special character of the individual college campuses.


AGPS’s global character will also give our students knowledge of, and access to, highly selective colleges outside the United States. Many of these institutions are eager to admit foreign students, especially ones with global experiences and English language proficiency.


AGPS also offers the best counselors prepared to handle a variety of personal issues that may arise among students.

Strong E.S.L. Program

American Global Prep School welcomes students from around the world to a unique multi-leveled, intensive, English language instruction program that includes grammar, usage, writing, vocabulary, reading comprehension, literary analysis, oral communication and listening. The E.S.L. program is paired with courses in mathematics, art and physical education. Emphasis is placed on enabling students to create a balance between knowledge acquisition, aesthetic appreciation and cultural immersion. Exploration and growth between academic skills and life skills is essential.


In addition, students enjoy the American style school experience with sports, clubs and community service opportunities. There is also a focus on continued excellence in preparing our students to choose the finest college preparatory school and or college/university in the United States or Cambodia for a higher learning experience.



College Campus Tours

Students will be offered the chance to tour the top Universities in the U.S. and Cambodia on a yearly basis. Campus tours and visits are a vital part of the application process. Tours provide an opportunity for students to become actively involved in obtaining first-hand, accurate information about a wide range of colleges.

Visiting colleges is a great way to get a feel for what college is like — from classes and dorms to the cafeteria menu. And when the time comes, it can help you decide if a specific college is right for you.



  • Parents will be comforted in knowing that their sons and daughters are in a safe environment with campus amenities offered 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

  • AGPS offers a Dormitory for foreign students.

  • Cafeteria is on campus for three meals for dormitory students.

  • Our Dormitory manager will be on site 24/7 to provide service for residents of the

  • dormitory.

  • Weekend programs will be available for dormitory students.

  • Campus security guard will be on site 24/7.


University Admission Guidelines

  • GPA: 3.7 and above

  • SAT with two SAT Subject tests: Top 99th percentile (2300 and above)

  • English: Four years of English (including writing)

  • Mathematics: Four years of Mathematics (including calculus)

  • Languages: Four levels of three foreign languages

  • Lab Sciences: Two years of laboratory science (including physics and chemistry)

  • History: Two years of history

  • Essay: Topics dependent upon school of choice

  • Visual/Performing Arts: Two years – Theatre, Music, Dance, Sculpting, Painting

  • AP Classes: 10 Classes



AGPS currently offers, or is preparing to offer, the following sports activities to our students: Badminton, Soccer, Football, Judo, Golf, Swimming, Tae Kwon Do, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weight Lifting, Boxing, Cheerleading.


Letters of Recommendation

Recommendation letters are an important piece of the college application. The Princeton Review writes that “competitive colleges use the letter of recommendation to assess [a student’s] passions, goals, and character. They want more than just a statistic.” Potential recommendation writers provide an important and integral service for college-bound students. A good recommendation letter brings the applicant to life on the page.

AGPS students will have access to letters of recommendation from not only their instructors, but from important community, government and state leaders.


AGPS Magazine – The Eagle’s Voice

AGPS students will be able to participate in the on campus publication The Eagle’s Voice. The Eagle’s Voice is produced by the students of AGPS and is entirely student- run, along with a faculty advisor, featuring articles, poetry, current events and photography.


Author Their Own Book

AGPS students will write a book, of up to three hundred pages, on the topic of their choice under the supervision of AGPS writing teachers.


Community Service

The AGPS Community Service Program provides students with opportunities to engage their community through service activities. The program emphasizes an "others first" approach, encouraging service and steadfast dedication to making a difference in the local community and university campus.


Leadership Program

The AGPS Leadership Program allows students to develop the leadership skills necessary to be positive role models and active participants in the community by creating and managing their own unique organizations from the ground up.


Entrepreneurial Studies

Today’s highly entrepreneurial and technological economies reward innovation, dedication, and effectiveness. Developing these real-world skills is crucial to any successful career. Students in teams will develop and execute their own business ideas and plans under faculty mentorship, exposing the students to professional environments.


Volunteer Opportunities

Changing lives doesn't begin and end with medical volunteers. The compassion, energy and selfless service of students also make a significant impact on the world. When AGPS students help children in need, they learn firsthand how they can make an impact on the world and help heal humanity. Volunteer Programs empower youth, creating a global movement for positive change through our four pillars of philanthropy: Leadership, Education, Service, and Awareness.

Volunteer opportunities will be available for students in good academic standing.


Summer/Winter Internship Programs

Spend the winter and summer in your choice of internship programs located in the most exciting companies in the area. Each of the programs provide a unique combination that includes new friendships and exciting events, with tremendous resume building opportunities.

Internship opportunities will be available for students in good academic standing.

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