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High School Program 

The High School curriculum is the culmination of the unique features of an AGPS education. Previous lessons in Middle School are further excavated in High School to deepen and broaden understanding, assessing, and applying information. The cross-referencing of class information shows students how ideas connect to and affect one another. By applying critical thinking skills in analysis and synthesis of multilayered instruction, students are able to exploit and extend their essential understanding. The outcome of our efforts is the preparation of students for study in the top 50 universities in America.

High School courses are organized under three major areas of study: humanities, STEM, and life skills. Humanities include English, history, the World Course and the arts (both visual and performing). STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) includes science, math and robotics, as well as continual support with a digital toolbox. The math program is a carefully calibrated series of problems to be solved by students in problem-based math. AGPS is unique in its implementation of the course sequencing recommended by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) that has not yet been adopted by many high schools. The science program includes physics in ninth grade, chemistry in 10th grade, biology in 11th grade, and a series of electives in the senior year

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