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AGPS is committed in recognizing and developing every child’s full potential intellectually, emotionally, physically, morally and socially through helping her/him to be the best she/he can by providing her/him with quality education through a wide range of learning experiences. 


  1. To foster independence to every child by providing well-prepared learning activities at her/his own pace which are geared towards the development of self-confidence, inner discipline and sense of self-worth; 

  2. To guide every child to understand the environment and help her/him achieve satisfaction with her/himself in the present and future society; 

  3. To immerse every child in an integrated approach that ties the separate subjects together into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience as a basis for lifelong learning; 

  4. To develop every child’s process of thinking which involves judging, exploring, experimenting, inferring and to help her/him learn how to find and use resources in solving problems; 

  5. To understand every child's psychological development during the formative years (3-6) and childhood years (7-12) because what happens to every child at these stages are important to understanding her/himself; 

  6. To train every child on how she/he should grow to be a responsible person with moral values; 

  7. To continue our parents’ partnership program through parent-teacher conferences and coffee time to strengthen their trust with us in the development of their children.

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