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Preschool Program

In preparing our preschool curriculum, AGPS has been refining our materials and methods to lay the foundation for a world-class education with limitless possibilities as the eventual outcome. In the earliest stages of learning, students learn three essential fields: counting numbers, comparing objects, and number words. Embedded in the language delivery are topics related to science and their physical world. Students absorb this information in fun and engaging ways through songs, fun games, and activities that transparently deliver and practice lesson goals. So, not only do students learn foundational information; they also associate learning with fun.

Our Preschool classes are taught by foreign teachers and assisted by Cambodian teacher assistants. On the other hand, our Elementary and Middle and High School classes are taught by teachers with specialized trainings on the subjects and levels they teach to prepare globally competitive students but locally grounded. We maintain twenty (20) as the standard number of students per class.

Nursery (ages 2.5-4)


Nursery school helps guide your child to adapt to a new environment by learning lessons that are focused on developing sensory skills such as visual perception, auditory discrimination and body coordination. Our knowledge of child development serves as a guide for providing appropriate and meaningful activities in music, arts, language, math and basic inclination skills.


Kindergarten 1 (ages 4-5)


Kindergarten 1 program introduces your child to a more in-depth learning through recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and through developing basic writing, reading and mathematical skills.


Kindergarten 2 (ages 5-6)


Kindergarten 2 program uses a bilingual mode of teaching both in English and Khmer. The program aims to prepare your child to become knowledgeably confident through developing skills in reading, writing and comprehension. It also prepares your child to gain necessary readiness skills for success in primary grades.

Preschool Sample Daily Activities 

AGPS Preschool Sample Daily Activities-p
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