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Middle School Program

The Middle School will be traditional in resting upon a foundation of vertical cohesion (skills taught in one grade will be built upon in the following grades) and the mastery of crucial academic skills. It is progressive in its emphasis on depth of learning over breadth of exposure, its project-and problem-based orientation, and its interdisciplinary nature.

Our Middle School curriculum offers a comprehensive set of courses that are specifically designed to equip our students with a mastery of a wide range of academic skills that are critical to success in higher education. The courses are horizontally linked and vertically scaffolded, recycling previously taught materials and introducing their continuation. They are progressive in their emphasis on depth of learning and breadth of exposure, their project- and problem-based orientation, and their interdisciplinary nature.

Specifically, the curriculum in the Middle School covers seven major areas of study: humanities, language arts, math, science, world languages, the arts, and life skills, and physical education. Humanities include 19th century California and Medieval world. Language Arts include literature and composition. Math includes Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. Science includes both Life and Physical Science. World Languages includes an intensive course of Mandarin Chinese. The arts include a variety of electives such as visual arts, music, and drama. Life skills and physical education include a variety of classes, such as managing emotions and expressing compassion.

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