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Enrollment Policy

Student Placement and Admission

Students are required to take the entrance or qualifying test in both oral and written to qualify him or her to the level appropriate her/his age and mental capacity.​

Admission Procedures

To be admitted at AGPS, eligible students are required to:

  1. Complete and submit the registration form.

  2. Pay the school fees.

  3. Submit 5 copies of passport sized photo of the child (4x6) for ID and file.

  4. Submit 3 copies of passport sized photo of the parents (4x6) for ID.

  5. Complete the Authorization Form for Pick Up of the student.

  6. Provide previous School Credentials and Medical records (if any).


Guidelines for Parents

  1. Observe the general policies of AGPS as provided in the School Manual for Parents and Students;

  2. Follow the ID and uniform policies;

  3. Adhere to the child protection policies governing Cambodia and AGPS;

  4. Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences and other Academic related meetings scheduled by the school;

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