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Dr. Harry Hwang poses with John Harvard, Founder of Harvard University

AGPS Elite is a new program that is being launched this year in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our goal is to help our students prepare to enter the top fifty universities in the United States. All three of our founder's children attended and graduated such schools, and now we are ready to bring that level of experience to your children as we set out in satisfying the toughest admissions on the planet. The thing is, we are more than confident that together, we will succeed. Our curriculum is the best in the world and our teachers are beyond amazing.


There is one thing you must know as you enter this journey with us. Admissions to the best schools isn't just about grades, GPA or crafting an outstanding essay. The truth is, universities are looking for students who are unique as humans and will add to the overall value of the student body. Admissions directors are looking for exemplary students who stand out, not conformists. They want to see students who are about something, who are living lives of consequence. Let us help you shift to a new way of thinking and perhaps a new way of living. Not everyone is cut out for such a lofty path, but if you believe you are, let us help you as you proceed on your journey.


Interested? Contact us to sign up for early enrollment with AGPS Elite.  

Call +855 10 49 5511 or send an email to: 

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