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AGPS Elite Tuition & Fees

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At AGPS Elite, we offer financially attractive tuition packages that fit every budget. We also offer scholarships to high achieving students.

For information about tuition and fees at AGPS Elite, please see the information  below or feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to review the tuition packages with you at your convenience.

Registration fee (New Students only):     $500

This is a one-time charge for new students, non-refundable, non-transferrable fee for processing and admission testing. Payable upon submission of completed admission form.         

AGPS Elite Tuition Fees

See the table below:

Tuition Fees include the following:

  1. One set of textbooks

  2. Two set of Uniforms

AGPS Elite Boarding School Fees

See the table below:

Boarding School Tuition Fees include the following:

  1. One set of textbooks

  2. Two set of Uniforms

  3. Dormitory

  4. Meals

  5. Transportation from dormitory to school



Sibling discounts may be offered where two or more children from the same family attend school at the same time with 5% sibling discount for the second child and 10% for the third child and more.



  1. Payments must be made on or before the due dates listed above to prevent late payment penalties.

  2. All fees and outstanding balances must be settled before report cards or any academic records can be issued.

  3. Payments may be made in the following ways:

  • Cash payment – only to the school’s accountant.

  • Bank transfer into the school’s bank account.

  • US dollar check drawn on a bank in Phnom Penh.

  •    a. Transferring party is responsible to pay all bank transfer charges.

  •    b. The school does not accept payments from any sanctioned bank accounts or   

  •       payments coming from sanctioned territories and countries.

  •    c. Any cash note determined to be fraudulent is the responsibility of and shall be

  •       replaced by the family who supplied the note for payment.

  •    d. Full tuition payment will be required for the quarter in which enrollment occurs,

  •       regardless of the date of enrollment (i.e. no partial quarterly payments will be

  •       allowed).

  • Late payment penalties: All tuition and other fees are due on the indicated dates. Late payments by two weeks will incur an additional 5% penalty charge and 1% penalty per week will apply to any outstanding amount beyond that date. Non-payments of fees could result in non-admission, or suspension and withholding of grades.

  • Withdrawing from school: It is the parents’ responsibility to complete the School’s standard withdrawal form and submit it to the office at least two months prior to the student’s last day in school. When the student leaves at the end of semester one, the two months withdrawal period shall be counted up to the last day of semester one. This will ensure the refund policy is applied and school reports are issued.

  • Refund policy:

  • Refunds on paid tuitions will be granted at 90% value only for full quarters not attended for students leaving during the school year upon written request.

  • All refunds are subject to a 10% transaction fee.

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